7 Myths And Facts About Smoking

September 29, 2016 Javier Jackson 0

7 myths about smoking What does it take to quit smoking? Why is a smoker so keen on smoking? How does a smoker justify smoking? We often try to reason with ourselves over smoking even when we are fully aware of its harmful effects. Below are the reasons that a smoker gives for smoking and some myths about smoking that smokers might have in their minds. Myth 1: Smoking keeps me slim It is known that a lot of people smoke because they want to stay thin. And it is this misconception that does not let them quit smoking. The […]


Low Sodium Diet

November 18, 2015 Javier Jackson 0

A low sodium diet is one that includes no more than 1,500 to 2,400 mg of sodium per day. (to notw 1 teaspoon of salt has about 2,300 mg sodium.) People following a vigorous or moderate exercise schedule should try to limit their sodium intake to 3,000 mg per day and people with moderate to severe heart failure should limit to their sodium intake to 2,000 mg per day. The basic human minimum requirement for sodium is about 500 mg per day. For people with salt-sensitive blood pressure disease, any extra intake may cause a negative effect on health. Low Sodium Diet Table Salt is one of the main source of sodium. As mentioned […]


Low Fat Diet

November 18, 2014 Javier Jackson 0

A low-fat diet is one that restricts fat and often saturated fat and cholesterol as well. Low-fat diets are intended to reduce diseases such as heart disease and obesity. Reducing fat in the diet can make it easier to cut calories. Fat provides nine calories per gram while carbohydrates and protein each provide four calories per gram, so choosing low-fat foods makes it possible to eat a larger volume of food for the same number of calories Remember, your body stores extra calories as fat, even if they come from fat-free, trans fat-free, and low-fat foods. If you replace high-fat foods with high-calorie foods, like sweets, you’ll likely gain weight rather than […]


Foods To Reduce Belly Fat

November 18, 2014 Javier Jackson 0

Top 10 Foods to Reduce Belly Fat If you’ve been unsuccessful in losing weight around your belly, here’s some good news! The key ingredients found in the Flat Belly Diet—”MUFAs” (monounsaturated fatty acid) hold the power to target hard-to-lose belly fat and give you that slim look you always wished for.  Pair these fabulous MUFA foods with your workout plan and you’ll slim down where you want to—your belly. Here are  10 belly-fat-fighting superstars that will go a long way in giving you that perfect body Oatmeal: Fiber-rich oatmeal stays in your stomach for hours and gives you a feeling […]

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How To Lose Weight Fast

November 18, 2014 Javier Jackson 0

There are many ways to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. However, most of them require you to be hungry and unsatisfied. If you don’t have iron willpower, then hunger will cause you to give up on these plans quickly. The 3-step plan outlined here will: Kill your appetite. Make you lose weight fast, without being hungry. Improve your health at the same time. Step 1 – Eliminate Sugars and Starches The most important part is to remove sugars and starches (carbs) from your diet. These are the foods that stimulate secretion of insulin the most. […]


Benefits of Yoga

October 10, 2014 Javier Jackson 0

Yoga brings great synchronization between mind, body and soul. Yoga is not any art or science but is considered as a technology full of exercises and movements to keep you healthy. It is one of the oldest practices to maintain a healthy body and maintain mind in good shape. Yoga brings calmness and stability to the minds of its followers. It comprises of different exercises and move forms, breathing exercises and also meditation which brings immense power to mental and physical health. In current scenario where there is an increase in privatization, globalization and urbanization, there is high levels of […]


Drinking Water In The Morning

October 10, 2014 Javier Jackson 0

7 Reasons Why Drinking Water in the morning is A Good Idea We tend to complicate things when it comes to taking care of our health. A few simple steps can go a long way in taking care of our health, and one easy way of ensuring it is by drinking sufficient water in empty stomach first thing in the morning. Not only does it clear your stomach, it goes a long way in reducing the risk of a number of diseases. This is a very easy and cost efficient healthy habit. For all the healthy habits that the conscious […]


Beginners Workout Routines

October 8, 2014 Javier Jackson 0

A guide for beginners workout routines Week 1: Whole in One You’ll begin the program with a full-body training split, meaning you’ll train all major body parts in each workout (as opposed to “splitting up” your training). Train three days this first week, performing just one exercise per body part in each session. It’s important that you have a day of rest between each workout to allow your body to recover; this makes training Monday, Wednesday and Friday — with Saturday and Sunday being rest days — a good approach. The exercises listed in Week 1 are a collection of basic […]


Eating Healthy Tips

October 8, 2014 Javier Jackson 0

Easy eating healthy tips for healthy diet and staying fit Eating healthy food is not about some strict diet that one has to follow. Rather, it all about staying fit, having more energy, staying happy, feeling great, and having a stable mood. There are often instances when you find someone advising you some food, and others discouraging it. But using these very simple tips, you can eat healthy and stay fit and happy. Following are some eating healthy tips: Eating healthy Tip 1: Aim to succeed To reach your destination, one has to plan the step by step process by […]


Natural Ways to Improve Immunity

October 7, 2014 Javier Jackson 0

Natural ways to improve immunity Ever wondered what keeps your body at an arms distance from all the viral infections and flu going around the world? It’s your immune system, the defense mechanism of the body, which keeps balance in the body and fights with any viral or bacterial infection that tries to infect you. But often we find ourselves in a situation where our body’s defense system has gone weak and we are susceptible to very meek and common infections that our immune system would have taken care of otherwise. So to help our body keep fighting for us, […]